Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Advancing Smoke

The race to finish the organic basil continues. The Watermelon-basil iced green tea proved as refreshing as regular iced green tea. Watermelon is not famous for bringing a whole lot of excitement to the party. If you muddle the basil with your spoon you get an interesting herb kick, but all told, just drinking it straight does the trick. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as Tamalehawk always sighs.

Significant: Tamalehawk spent a night grilling in Grant Park as part of a work event, one that required selecting, purchasing, transporting, assembling, preparing, using, maintaining, disassembling, and repacking a new Weber grill. Brats, hot dogs, and some pageant-worthy Jewel burgers made the long, smoky, insanely windy night a success. The most important thing to be witnessed, however: throwing burnt test dogs up high into the air and watching the gathering seagulls gulp them down without breaking their stride. It was like an air show. It made Tamalehawk want to abandon his post and soar with his coastal brethren.

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