Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sweet Sojourn

Fruit knows it is photogenic and that it's the only food that gets posed. But it resents on a very fundamental level being gathered into bowls with different fruits. It's a very quiet, prevalent type of fruit racism that you're dealing with. Beauty often teems with ugliness. The apples release ethylene and slowly suffocate the bananas. The mango, days since its forced diaspora to the midwest, angles for freedom. The lemon waits to be sliced or mercifully squeezed. Tamalehawk rushing to eat them all before they rot.

Created: Chicken, chorizo, and potato tacos. Cook your chicken and chorizo in some oil until light brown then add cubed Yukon gold potatoes and some chicken stock. Simmer until everything is done. Smear each warm tortilla with a clove or two of garlic that you have roasted while watching baseball earlier. Add some cheese on top if you generally have the impulse to add cheese to things. Tamalehawk does and typically obliges this impulse.

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