Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Trained Eye

That moment prior to seizing a foreign cookie, Tamalehawk's brain forms a secret assessment as to whether the target cookie is soft or crisp. Failure to select correctly can prove disastrous or glorious. When the Meyer Lemon Cookies from Trader Joe's entered his cookie crosshairs, it was deemed crisp. Nestled by the rows of truly awful wheat breads, its chances of deliciousness were tallied as poor. The lure of the Meyer modifier, sweet where lay-lemons offer only sour, spurred the shelf-to-cart transfer.

Verdict: Delicious. And pleasingly bendable. Purchase these and conduct simultaneous experiments with the molasses ones. In other news, dandelion greens are not bad and perhaps good. Eat them in a salad of mixed greens with a Meyer lemon and olive oil. Two things that Tamalehawk misjudged. Is it cause for alarm? Should a mandatory re-calibration of all assessing functions be performed? What else is good that by all accounts should be bad? Tamalehawk shivered at the possibilities.

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