Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tour Of Duty

Back behind the burners again. Tamalehawk made a big mess but the ends justified his sprawling, disorganized means. Mise en place is for professionals. He got to use the Cast Iron Warship, its flame orange exterior signaling death by even, measured heating to any flagrant flavoring agents in the vicinity. It felt good. He didn't even yelp when he ran his hand over the burning coil.

Acquired and ingested: carnitas burrito bowl. Created and dispatched: pasta with broccoli and pine nuts in a lemon, butter, and garlic sauce. Tamalehawk notched the triumphant victory over the organic broccoli and the stalwart pine nuts, who due to his soaring aspirations, got a free toasting before joining the party. Tip: Don't toss the broccoli stems. Peel the tough outer layer off and cut the stem up, on the bias if you're feeling boastful. They'll go round for round with the florets any day of the week.

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