Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Brine Of Denial

Tamalehawk was crestfallen when his eCoupon for 10 Pizza Points at Chicago's Pizza was somehow lost in the ether of the internet. Outraged and humiliated, he made a solemn vow to never again cross paths with the vile conclave of liars. He stalked into the kitchen to make an unexpected dinner, the worst kind.

Luckily: Pasta Puttanesca. Easy like a Sicilian breeze. It doesn't require any fresh ingredients except basil, which can be optional. Boil water and put your pasta in, like an angel hair if you got it. Chop up any olives you have, black and green. Chop up some garlic and dice an onion if you want. Heat some olive oil in the pot and add some anchovy paste, stirring it until it disappears. You can buy anchovies in a tube which sounds gross but is crucial in this context. Slide in all your other ingredients and add some tomato paste, which is also way better in tube form. Let all that cook down and blend together, and add either jarred marinara sauce, diced fresh tomatoes, or canned tomatoes. Tamalehawk prefers jarred or canned over fresh here. Do the ole strain and drain on your pasta and toss it into the pot. Stir it up with some Parmesan cheese and torn basil. Field a call from the Chicago's Pizza webmaster and have your Pizza Points triumphantly restored. Add them back to the list of viable food options.

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