Friday, January 18, 2008

Local Flavor

Tamalehawk has long squawked the praises of the breakfast sandwich. Homemade attempts at fabrication always, at least in part, seem a solemn solatium for the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, which, as is widely and correctly purported, is half a century of food science distilled into a perfect grenade of breakfast harmony. It can't be beaten, everyone. So please set down your skillet and hang up your apron.

A quick search of the tractate confirmed that Tamalehawk hasn't yet sung from the granite gargoyles of the looming urban vista the unparalleled praises of Los Nopales. A quick search of his soul confirmed that this was an unforgivable oversight. Based on a hot tip from an owl in the know, this Mexican food is the best he has found in his extensive quest. The tortilla soup must have been forged on high from the slow-churning spoon of an ancient Aztec deity. The skirt steak, in all forms, is a marvel of modern meat manipulation. Please frequent this popular place. Tamalehawk will hoist his Jarrito as a sign of approval.

1 comment:

  1. It has happened at last. After many close calls, I finally had to look up a word used by Tamalehawk.

    "Solatium," is a word you don't typically hear every day, but nonetheless a word that I will now try to use at least once an hour in a pathetic attempt to be more verbally impressive.

    For uninitiated english majors like myself, "solatium" means "recompense" i.e. something given to someone as compensation.

    A tip of the (feathered) cap to you, Tamalehawk.