Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bad Change

Raise your hand if you remember the Lucky Charms leprechaun being so patently demonic? No one? The face that once expressed glee at the idea of sharing his chalky marshmallow cereal with us now clearly wants to devour children in their pajamas, binding them with white hot rainbows and muffling their stunned shrieks with handfuls of synthetic oat shapes. It's primarily the teeth that are morphing Tamalehawk's childhood memories into a trembling, confused blob. The maniacal mandible is made much more malevolent by the missing mentum and the ceaseless searching of those unblinking eyes.

Full Shilling update: This place first made an appearance in August, claimed by Tamalehawk to be Yakzie's cooler friend. It should be reported that on Thursdays, they have $1 domestic beers and $1 burgers. Tots are available, but you can't front on the crinkle cut fries. A near-insane offering that makes an otherwise OK bar worth the trip. Take with you a seasoned table scout; Tamalehawk fortunately had a blue heron nearby to make the necessary eye contact to secure suitable seating after a short wait.

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