Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deep Cover

Informal poll: How do you prefer your French Toast? Cinnamon-laced and sprinkled with powdered sugar, or maybe enrobed in an edible armor of corn flakes? Tamalehawk approves of places that offer the trio of triangles on the side of his eggs instead of pancakes. It's just a little touch that says, "Hey, customers, we appreciate your varied palettes. Breakfast is a highly subjective meal. More coffee? I am a waitress from the 1950's." Maybe Tamalehawk is too into breakfast, but from the great heights he soars, it's hard not to view every meal through maple-colored glasses.

Ladyhawk insists on a savory variation -- an eggy bath with no trace of sweet, coated in a sheen of salt and butter until they look like a snowy Chicago sidewalk. An experience Tamalehawk first found baffling but before long came to appreciate. He's not a purist and encourages customization. Also, a brief related shout-out to the Monte Cristo: breakfast and lunch started a business together selling deliciousness.


  1. I ate a Monte Cristo at a Bennigan's in Peoria 4 years ago. It may be the most intense meal I have ever eaten.

  2. Peorian French toast is dusted with a delicate mix of powdered sugar and Cascade. It's an acquired taste.