Friday, February 8, 2008


Tamalehawk knows he has quality friends when they give him food as a gift. Especially condiments. A new condiment can keep him transfixed for months, agog from the absolute abundance of applications, excited by the endless eating events in which the consuming condiment can be consumed. He pushes it to the cutting contours of its capacity, crossing all semblance of sanity in a quest to conquer the myriad mysteries within.

He's not sure what makes this Spicy Chili Mayonnaise a good indicator of Country Living, but regardless, it is going to be applied to nearly everything Tamalehawk's last shred of reason allows him to. A great condiment can make him pull the trigger on an otherwise boring menu option. Grilled chicken sandwich? Meh. What? With cumin-lime mayo? He's listening. Falafel sandwich? No than- wait, with jalapeño hummus? Let's do this. Also, don't think for a second Tamalehawk won't order one menu item with the condiment from another. Because he has, as often as is necessary. As should you.

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