Sunday, February 17, 2008


Sudden soup: Sweat some chopped onion and garlic in olive oil over medium heat in a pot. Take the corn out of the freezer door and untwist the bag. Extract the zucchini from the depths of the crisper and inspect them. Decide that this is their last chance for greatness, and that it's up to you to deliver on their potential.

Next, move the pot off the burner because all of your ponderous regret has put the onion and garlic in serious jeopardy. Get your head in the game, lower the heat, and move the pot back. Peel the zucchini until you get tired of doing it, chop off any parts you can't in good faith feed to someone, cut into chunks and throw into the pot. Toss the corn, salt, thyme, coriander, and optional turmeric in and let it rip for a while. Plaintively sing a folk song in memory of the peppers who couldn't be there with you. Then add chicken stock, then take your immersion blender on its maiden voyage and puree the hell out of it. Be sure to maniacally splatter vegetal viscera all over your midsection like you are Larry Drake in Dr. Giggles and the soup is Doug E. Doug. Taste it, correct the seasoning, and eat it if it came out OK. Feel competent enough to get you through another eerily dreamless night.

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  1. I can't believe you have the self-possession to just start making soup without a crystal-clear game plan. I'm paralyzed if the recipe calls for more than removing the top of the can using your strangely ingenious implement of choice.

    Godspeed, sir, on your continued voyages into the unknown. Godspeed.