Monday, April 30, 2007

Winged Exaltation

The best coffee in Chicago, now with a new look. They used to have a capital I, encaged in a French press, shooting out powerful, caffienated lightning bolts. All in a sort of subtle palate of blues and creams. It gave off an appropriate vibe for coffee. Enter new logo, which Tamalehawk approves of more than his hollow scapulars can express. The lines and colors are as bold as the beans inside, and the wings create a new vibe for the company: one of quiet dominance. The coffee cup is ascending to a plane higher than any mortal can reach. Towards the star of ethical, roasting supremacy. Plus, the bag has a manifesto on it. Wings + manifesto = success. And that shadow in the corner is not a photographic miscalculation. It is a coffee wraith so deal with it.

Today the Tamalehawk was both rescued and assaulted by a double-cheeseburger and chicken snack wrap from McDonald's. A heads-up play by Meador. Wrapping a chicken finger in a tortilla makes all participating food cultures sad and sheepish, but it made TH happy.

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