Sunday, April 29, 2007

Allium Sativum In Aeternum

Arguably the cornerstone of the Essentials series. At the very least, a prominent keystone atop a main entranceway where all who enter can reverently nod. The Tamalehawk acknowledges the danger and delight inherent in the garlic manifesto. He adheres to its tenants tenaciously. He hopes it will conquer the fear he has of the Kale That Will Not Be Denied (KTWNBD) which is currently making itself comfortable in his fridge.

Highlight: Surprisingly good pork enchilada at El Jardin. Not the green one on Roscoe, but the white one a block north. Suspect service which he's willing to consider an anomaly. Weird beers at Sheffields, which will start serving food on Tuesday. Tamalehawk plied the bar staff for answers to his myriad menu questions. Answers: they will specialize in barbecue (you don't say?) and offer a limited but refined menu of sandwiches and salads. Odds are on some kind of wrap. Not knowing the setup they have in their newly outfitted kitchen, Tamalehawk couldn't accurately speculate any further. There is only one way to be sure.

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