Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Endless Hunger

The Tamalehawk had trouble sleeping last night. He couldn't decode the mysteries of arugula stems. Would they easily puree into a pesto like their leafy brethren? Or are they too fibrous? The condiment possiblities were incalculable. He tried to calculate them but the darkness eventually waited him out.

That day, he ate a turkey, arugula, pepperoncini, and cheese sandwich. Cooperation from the microwave made it an enjoyable respite from the bleak non-eating hours that proceeded it. Later, he ate ham, cheese, and spinach rolled into cooked lasagne noodles. The microwave complied again, bringing this feeding to a successful close. Moments later, the microwave completed a thankless trifecta by gently making a storebought cookie feel like home.

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