Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Earth Provides

You may never master the parsnip. It lives in the dirt. It doesn't need anything to survive that doesn't happen naturally on this planet. The Tamalehawk is jealous of this fortitude. He ate them with reverence. The parsnip purveyor vaunted their delciousness when eaten raw, claiming them to be akin to carrot. Tamalehawk overlooked the unfortunate carrot allusion and purchased a small organic Ziploc bag full anyway. Raw, these brave root vegetables have a pronounced ginger-licorice flavor. Texture-wise, they are dense and take a little more determination to chew. Final assessment: Not for everyday snacking. The singular taste could be regarded as offputting and a child will most certainly abandon it in the hallway.

The Tamalehawk lost a battle with a granola bar that broke in half and plunged into the swirling black of his morning coffee. For lunch, he had a baloney, cheese, and arugula sandwich. For dinner, he had breaded porkchops, spinach salad, and braised parsnips in herb butter. Cooked, the parsnips adopt a far more mild flavor. Covered in butter and chives, this surreptitious vegetable gets its day in the sun.

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