Thursday, April 26, 2007

Metal Embrace

Trying to locate Old Style in a bottle proved tougher than the time Tamalehawk air-raided a canopy full of common marmosets in search of coveted figs in Brazil. Not easy. The grocer seemed uninterested in considering this an impasse and thus circumnavigated it aloofly. Regardless, the aluminum cans do the trick in a utilitarian manner that pleased the Tamalehawk. After all, it is hard to beat the crack-splash of a cold one after a long day of being angry. And the price was right in his range.

For sustenance, the Tamalehawk ate zero breakfast but coffee. He had a turkey, baloney, arugula, and cheese sandwich for lunch, followed by an oversize and undersweet apple. He paused soberly to reflect on the role arugula was playing in his life. Produce is like a live grenade, sitting in your crisper waiting to explode if you don't eat it. For dinner he ate pierogies and a bowl of spinach leaf transfers. Followed by two cookies of the chocolate chip persuasion. Hunger temporarily neutralized.

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