Sunday, April 29, 2007

With Everything

A critical installment in the Essentials series, Tamalehawk turns to hot sauce whenever the eatscape seems uncertain. He knows to confide in the rooster for versatility and flavor; that the rooster transcends condiment status, achieving a permanent residence on the lazy susan beside traditional workhorses salt and pepper.

For lunch, Tamalehawk ate Potbelly's, a Chicago staple. Meatball on wheat with everything, because anytime you get the option to say "with everything" in a restaurant you should quickly do so. Also their sugar cookies border on undercooked in the way that makes you feel bad and good at the same time. And their shakes, well, everyone knows that their shakes stand up to those from the finest malt shops. Dinner consisting of burger medium-rare with vintage stilton cheese and port caramelized onions from The Knot, an Irish place that always has a cupcake of the month, to which you should mark your calendars by. Clear your schedule for the month that has the cupcake that is entirely deep fried. You'll need time to prepare, reflect, and recover.

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