Monday, March 10, 2008

Wake Up Call

This marked Tamalehawk's first official attempt at the Veal Milanese he often dreams about. Bread some veal scallopine beneath an avalanche of arugula and fashionably functional lemon slices. Pair it with some parsnip mashed potatoes if you want. Eat until the shame melts away.

Breakfast round-up: Are you ordering breakfast appetizers? A little something to share before your first meal of the day? It's the latest rage and Tamalehawk is not one to buck a trend that involves eating more food. First up, Deleece. Start with the homemade beignets with cinnamon caramel glaze. Excellent. Move to the homemade corned beef hash, poached eggs, and potatoes with melted Gruyere at Deleece. Huge chunks of corned beef and a tangy Dijon vinaigrette makes this a total stand out. Trade in the side of potatoes for some fruit because there are potatoes in the hash and you're not a hero. It is a rather embarrassing mound of food. Next up, Angel Food Bakery. Support this local bakery and cafe because the coffee is Intelligentsia and the small breakfast and brunch menu is carefully crafted. Order the sour cherry muffin as a breakfast appetizer and move to the basil, sun-dried tomato, and goat cheese scramble with a side of fresh whole wheat toast. Third, Southport Grocery. Finally made it through the sea of strollers to see what all the fuss was about. Pretty good. Got caught in the lunch or breakfast limbo and experienced some menu paralysis, completely unlike Tamalehawk. Went with a sandwich while envying each entering egg dish.


  1. Now you're in my neighborhood! Southport Grocery is absolutely amazing. Amazing. Both the "stuffed" and the "sweet & savory" french toast are exceptional. Bread pudding pancakes if you really want a heart-stopping breakfast morass. But you do have to time your arrival just right or you'll struggle to park, only to be told the wait is two hours, forcing you to turn on your heel and walk back out the door before even unwrapping your scarf. The good news is: if that happens, Coobah is just a couple blocks south, and has a great breakfast burrito AND/OR an insanely good Latin-flavored benedict. Southport STRIP!!

  2. Tamalehawk delightfully alights on wings of joy at these recommendations. He craned his neck at each stuffed French Toast that passed, mired in regret, but wearing a brave beak for the public. He'll be back to indulge soon enough.