Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Look Beyond

Is slicing garlic Mafia-style with a razor blade too much? Tamalehawk might argue that it is the kindest way to treat the precious bulb. The garlic guillotine exposes more surface area, releasing more flavor into your dish, and retains the essential oil you might normally smash into your cutting board. Also, any time you get to rummage through the tool box in order to make dinner is an opportunity you should seize. Just don't take the blade you used to score the bathroom drywall.

Results of the most recent Apple Challenge, where Tamalehawk gets bored with a giant apple he is eating and starts putting everything in reach on it to see if some kind of flavor covenant can be broken wide open: Apple and balsamic vinegar, meh. Apple and cumin, meh. Apple and coriander, meh. Apple and Creole seasoning, bad idea. Apple and apricot brandy, hmm. Maybe in a cocktail, but not for snacking. Apple and red wine vinegar, yes. Reasonably sized, ripe apple by its own natural self, always.

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