Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stirred Up

The frigid climes incline Tamalehawk to master all manners of emergensoup. This garlic chickpea soup hit some kind of spot, a spot created by the steady stream of cold air that tends to blast through the floorboards of his nest and directly into his soul. This version involved chickpeas, shallots, a shredded potato, garlic, curry, cumin, coriander, and probably some other things along with the chicken broth. Simmer and then puree carelessly with an immersion blender, flecking your entire shirt with soup shrapnel while half-watching a demented version of Babes in Toyland with Keanu Reeves on TV.

If anyone has any ideas for soups that can be hastily assembled and pack the kind of serious flavor that challenges the swirling Chicago winds, please fire away. Extra points if it can chase away the flicker of shame Tamalehawk gets for not leaving his nest for an entire weekend.


  1. Fry up a boat load of onions - white, yellow, and lots of scallons. Add a bottle of V8, various kidney beans, spicy chili beans - whatever your fancy. Let boil, then bring down to a simmer. Do this over and over again over the course of a few hours. Add grated super sharp chedder cheese. Then my favorite is a package of the frozen soy ground beef. Add more cheese and more cheese. Let reduce. In the end you'll have thick, yummy, chili like pot of wonderfulness! And its vegetarian. My favorite for this time of year.

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