Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help Wanted

Guys, it's chili season. The time of the year when Tamalehawk is confronted by his love/hate relationship with the one-pot wonder. He loves to make it but is rarely impressed by what the traditional compositions have to offer. Meat? Spices? Beans? He gets it. Sure, the myriad toppings offer a needed reprieve, but can't this American classic add a few more dimensions to its flavor profile? Even Googling "weird chili recipes" didn't yield the bounty of breakthroughs he was hoping for. Maybe the internet is a fad after all.

That said, this batch was more memorable than most of his efforts, with the essential Worcestershire elevating the whole affair. A slow simmer in his cast iron pot made some complexities occur, and that was a promising start to what promises to be a long winter. So what else? What should he toss into the mix? Don't make him make a huge mistake and wind up wordlessly dumping a whole steaming pot into a snow drift.


  1. Tamalehawk declares Hank the winner of everything. Sorry, world, you don't own any of your things anymore.

  2. oh man. Spaghetti and nutmeg. I'm a relentless advocate of the Cincinnati variety: http://muffintop.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/cincinnati-chili-now-added-to-our-household-rotation/

  3. Hank, give some of the stuff you won to Chad.

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