Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lurk

Digging through the archives, Tamalehawk stumbled onto these little guys, and immediately realized he still had a nearly full container of forgotten funfetti frosting in the fridge. He had high hopes for it at one a waffle topping, a pretzel stick dip, bagel varnish, maybe a carrot coating. In the end, he couldn't bring himself to finish the forboding fortress of fat.

He's thankful that it comes in a can, because the effort of getting a spoon from the drawer was at times the only thing that saved him from these monstrous machinations.


  1. Whoops... I threw that out the other day. Did you want me to keep it?

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  3. What's a Chordata? Is Tamalehawk a blend of Mexican and Native American elements? I love to bake also. Are you a man? LOL

  4. OOooo. This is the wrong blog to come across just before lunch!! :) Do you ever share recipes??

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