Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beyond the Grave

Enthralled by cauldron's sprawling haul, Tamalehawk celebrated Halloween by observing the annual tradition called Remembering Whether Or Not You Like Almond Joys. The verdict fell in the "strangely intrigued" column for the ersatz coconut candy, who's grainy, gelatinous center produce a texture that is somehow appealing in its revulsion.

All in all, Tamalehawk was comforted to see the haunted handouts haven't changed much since he stalked the streets as a plucky youngster - Reese's, Smarties, and Milk Duds - though he was surprised to see one neighbor was going old-school and sticking kids with Pixie sticks. Tamalehawk kind of admired the audacity of that dude's hardcore candy agenda before immediately throwing it away.


  1. What does Tamalehawk have against Pixie sticks? Too much for Babyhawk, perhaps, but I thought nothing was too intense for Tamalehawk's insatiable appetite and limitless lusts for stimuli...

  2. Tamalehawk ditched the stick strictly out of a distinct certainty that it would wind up half-gnawed and sprinkled in his couch cushions by the tiny creature who rules his roost.