Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Opprobrium

Asparagus Spinach Emergensoup: Quickly survey the roiling sea of neglected greenery in your crisper. Unsheathe the stiff stalks of asphyxiated asparagus and assess their soup suitability. Snap off the tough ends and chop into small pieces. Toss them into your pot, where you have chopped onion and garlic sweating in a shimmering sheen of beautiful bacon fat, or olive oil if you're afraid of reaching for your dreams. Season and saute the asparagus until they get a little golden and feel less ashamed of being forgotten. Toss in your spinach leaves, and while they're wilting turn your face and smile towards the shining sun because you are halfway there. Add some chicken stock and bring the heat back up to simmer. Blast to a smooth puree with your immersion blender, spraying green flecks all over your nape and wingbars, or add carefully in batches to a blender and do everything in your power not to get a boiling hot steam burn on your face. Add a stream of heavy cream and a pat of butter, stir and serve, or stirve.

Review: O'Shaugnessy's on Wilson. Based on one visit, the new Irish pub posted up some very good hand-cut fries, and an OK bangers sandwich that was served sans the sauce. The much-hyped mustard sauce will have to be experienced some other time. Anyway, everything tasted better thanks to the mid-day Sam Adams Summertime beer, because beer in the afternoon has a way of making everything feel right in the world. Best part: It is a mere divebomb from Tamalehawk's worknest.


  1. tamalehawk, you have inspired me. two days ago I tried my first crack at a broccoli soup i've been meaning to tackle. it looked a little like this one, with a dollop of goat cheese in the center for creaminess. thank you.

  2. Cree-aww! Tamalehawk squawks the praise of his fellow brave soupcrafter. Goat cheese is the perfect enhancement!