Sunday, April 6, 2008

Drink It In

Too early to name the SCOTS (Snack Combo of the Summer)? Since there is still lingering snow in Chicago, it may seem premature. Nonetheless, Tamalehawk revels in the right to make incrementally inflammatory injunctions. On your left, you'll notice that Keebler has in fact rethought their cracker strategy by creating Flipsides, the half-pretzel half-cracker whose whole flavor summarily shames the sum of its parts.

Flipsides bring the audacity that Tamalehawk admires in a snack. Right on its own box, headers command you to dunk the hybrid in chocolate, or slather it in mustard, or top with a tiny tomato and cheese slice. Gross? Or visionary? This snack boldly tiptoes the sweet and savory line with unparalleled grace. Try it with cream cheese. Wash everything down with limeade, inarguably the greatest beverage in the universe, and you can skip dinner because it probably won't hit the spot the same way.

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