Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Big Grab

Too soon to declare the Breakfast Combo of the Summer (BCOTS)? You won't think so once you've combined Rice Krispies with strawberries and honey and devoured it with a feather-ruffling fervor. What? You're still not eating your cereal out of a measuring cup, the most perfect vessel of cereal consumption, so perfect that you have to believe it was designed solely for that very purpose? Tamalehawk feels an awkward sorrow for you. The handle, man. The handle.

Unpictured chicken marsala: Tamalehawk has pretty much exhausted every reference in his chicken library, fired every weapon in his chicken arsenal, all in an attempt to fall back in love with the original white meat. This time around, chicken marsala, which starts off just like chicken piccata, but the sauce consists of mushrooms, butter, chicken stock, and marsala wine. Maybe he just resents them for their flightlessness. It's petty, but possible.


  1. I've also found drinking beer out of a measuring cup to be quite pleasurable.

  2. These _COTS are really piling up. How many can there be, Tamalehawk, especially since we are just barely, tentatively starting to creep into Spring at this point! Are you able to make firm Summer predictions already? Are your hawkeyes really so sharp?