Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Help

So, Wikipedia is calling this an Egg in the Basket, and since society has spoken on its formal title, who is Tamalehawk to object? You guys make these, right? Tamalehawk is a big fan of constricting the egg's reckless sprawl. Nothing is worse than setting your egg adrift like a jellyfish in poaching liquid, albumen tendrils ghostly coasting along. So, clearly, using the fried toast to fetter the egg is a satisfying solution. It's also a great use for terrible Trader Joe's bread that you got fooled into thinking was edible and have since been neglecting.

Speaking of being pleasantly fettered, Tamalehawk is officially on the search for a silver bullet take-out options to supplant the dine-in experience he so cherishes. He has long exhausted his folder of the usual suspects, and has grown resentful of their uninspired selections. Here are his judging criteria: Speed - it has got to be reasonable. No longer than an hour average. Packaging - it has got to be secure and appropriate. Friendliness - they've got to have a distinctly detectable tone of appreciation in their voices. Even a tinge will do. Selection - can you offer me something different? Tamalehawk has even stopped to inspect rain-soaked menus on the sidewalk for new contenders. That's how desperate he's become - it's a cry for help.


  1. Come to NYC where takeout options are endlessly endless. Now that's good advice.

  2. I have always wanted to try this but am seriously cooking impared. Do you hollow out a hole in the toast before frenching it up?

    I guess I could check the internet.

  3. Ah, NYC, where takeout truly aspires to great heights. Tamalehawk misses soaring the staggered skyscrapers of his home state.

    To assemble, cut a hole in your bread first, then lay the bread down gently in your bubbling, buttered pan. After it crisps for a few moments, pour the cracked egg into the awaiting crater. Once the egg has set up, flip the whole merged mess over to fry the other side. Make sure you're frying the cut-out circle, too - you will be dipping that into the oozing yolk while deciding that you can and should make a second one.

  4. Ah so simple! I can do it! I'm going to attempt this on Saturday morning for my huzz. Thank you Tamalehawk!

  5. this dish was introduced to me as a "bird in a nest" at an interstate wafflehouse. an enlightening experience.