Monday, May 5, 2008

Earth Curves

Each year when the weather gets warm, Tamalehawk must cater to his constant crippling craving for snacks. Anything in sight is fair prey, from bursting a bag of bagel chips open with his beak or slashing open an ice cream canister with his grasping talons. He can be anywhere when the hunger hits, in the middle of a service road on a routine fly-over, nuthatches chattering on a nearby wire. He'll eschew chewing if time is tight, sliding the snack sideways down his gawping gullet. Shame never enters the equation.

Thanks to an ashy drongo in the know, Tamalehawk followed up on a hot tip about some new chips. He's too lazy to go check the bag for the name, and if he did, he'd devour another wingful without looking down. OK, he checked for you, and if you must know the bag was twisted too tight to fight it open for a final feral feasting. They are called Flat Earth, the Peach Mango variety, and they are bonafide chip innovators (someone please find a way to combine this concept into one word; Tamalehawk's claws seize in anticipation). UPDATE: The tomato ranch version is a sheer delight, a new savorite. That's savory favorite, everyone.

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