Monday, July 2, 2007

Strange Bounty

When evaluating whether or not your life is actually like this, remember that it includes spitting the pits into the garbage can while meandering the kitchen and eating so many that you get an enduring stomach ache that you eventually just have to go to sleep with. This is the regimen you willingly undertake with something as perfect and expensive as cherries. Tamalehawk once pitted a massive bag by hand just to make a pie, and the memory still haunts him like sirens to soon-stranded sailors.

Earlier Tamalehawk had endorsed Treasure Island as a primary shopping venue. This recommendation stills holds true as much as it ever did. But if you are looking for an adventure, go to Harvest Time on Lawrence and Rockwell. It's an expanded Mexican grocery with terrific produce and meat and low prices. Its selection of standard, recognizable items is very modest but commendable, and the trade-off is a host of unusual products that you don't get elsewhere (Hello, jalapeno pierogies. Please get into the cart posthaste). Also, if you're into buying corn tortillas and pita bread while they are still extremely warm from the oven, then this is the place for you. Deli meats are scandalously cheap. A whole table of strange Mexican root vegetables chides you as it beckons. A cinder block of fresh feta cheese is basically free. Etcetera. Tamalehawk enjoyed his time there and will surely visit this magical land again.

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