Friday, July 27, 2007

Desperate Times

The crazidilla surfaces in a time of need. The people cried out for sustenance; Tamalehawk responded by putting leftover bacon, onion, roasted red pepper, and Swiss cheese together between tortillas. He then, for the good of humanity, applied a modest amount of leftover bacon fat on the outside of each corn tortilla and cooked it all in a hot pan. He did this all with a brave beak, knowing that sometimes the arteries must coalesce to the stomach's will.

A perfectly timed tamale delivery from a gentle heron made an excellent dinner. If you haven't adopted the concept of a second dinner into your life, Tamalehawk feels sad for you. You eat first dinner around four, then second dinner at seven or eight. Then you watch house flipping shows because the Cubs have already won that day.

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