Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Genius of Discontent

Signage notifies Tamalehawk that this is known as a pluot or aprium. He is an avid fan of food hybrids; free of the ethical quandaries that bind animal hybrids, why shouldn't man aspire to combine non-living foods into new superfoods? Trick question. There is no reason. This particular specimen didn't deliver on the sweet promise of either the plum or apricot, but still. The ambition garners respect.

Tamalehawk's mind reeled. What else should be melded together in the name of science? What other culinary Frankensteins should rightfully lurk in our grocer's aisles? Can someone make an onion that is truly sweet? Not just Vidalia sweet, like apple sweet. Our produce sections could be living museums of humankind's complete dominance over vegetation. Until there is a lab disaster and our reign is abruptly and violently ended.

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