Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Claiming the Throne

Are pistachios the secret sovereign of the nut realm? Tamalehawk knows so. Elusive, versatile, and packing a complex flavor that transcends typical nut nuances, the pistachio is the underestimated overlord of any worthwhile nut mix. Indeed, any mix that doesn't include and tilt favorably toward the pistachio ratio, hereby known as the pistatio, is not something you should serve without suffering suitable shame. It is important to note though, that pistachios are highly flammable in large quantities and are "prone to spontaneous combustion." Let's see another nut display that level of determination and power.

Detractors will argue that since the pistachio is not a true botanical nut, it warrants not the preceding fanfare. These people would likely lavish it instead on say, the crass and flavorless Brazil nut. Some may enter a bid for the highly divisive pecan or the nihilistic hazlenut. Others have argued that the peanut is thee rightful recipient of the coveted title. Tamalehawk will gladly concede the peanut's importance and indispensable contributions to the global foodscape. But in terms of straight snacking, the pistachio wins. Sorry to everyone who is wrong.

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