Monday, August 31, 2009


Tamalehawk has long subscribed to the adage "Can in the pantry, app in your cap." It's a little esoteric, sure, popular in a bygone era when people served appetizers in the family cap and you were just thankful that you had a family cap to eat out of. These days, the percipient pith persists: If you have something edible in your pantry, there's a decent chance you can fry and eat it.

These little canned artichokes sat like silent sentinels, waiting and wading in pervading marinade until called into action as an emergency appetizer for guests. Drain, dry, dredge in some seasoned flour, and dutifully dunk into a bubbling bath of oil, salt and serve, and in mere moments you've shambled from shame to salvation. Also works with chickpeas to make adorable crunchy pellets that you'll eventually just eat with a spoon. Lemon squeeze on either is both mandatory and optional.

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