Thursday, June 19, 2008

Perch and Observe

Where do you guys stand on egg salad? Long relegated to Honda dealer vending machines and cafeteria coolers, Tamalehawk has always had an affinity for the often-avoided ovoid sandwich. Here, he tries to create a smooth, spicy profile by adding cream cheese and jalapenos. He also had an idea for draping some apricot-glazed onions on top, but that will have to wait until he's more ambitious and less compelled to eat straight from the Tupperware.

In the search for a new complement of lunch deals on the North side, Tamalehawk recently ventured to Flying Chicken restaurant. Days of passing the $5.99 lunch special sign in the window, a quick Yelp affirmation, and a clawing hunger finally moved him to coordinate a mid-day trek down Lincoln. A few minutes after entering the brightly colored, totally empty Colombian spot, he knew things would be OK. The distinct smell of fresh charcoal in the air supported this notion. The food was a hit - excellent plantains, rice, and chicken led to a stack of empty plates a few minutes later. Add some peer-pressure beers and you have the perfect way to go long on a Tuesday lunch.

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